BRMC Triumph Jacket

Triumph Jacket Reported Similar to Gang Jacket

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Motorcycle News UK is reporting that this Triumph jacket looks quite similar to the gang logo used by the Outlaws.

A Motorcycle News reader suggests that wearing the jacket could be dangerous if the Outlaws took offense.

In this time when many providers of motorcycle and motorcycle fashion wear are looking to existing designs for graphics, it would be a good idea to at least understand the issues involved.

Now that Triumph is aware of the risk involved with this design, what would their responsibility be if an innocent purchaser wore the jacket in the wrong place?

While the first impression might be to brush this one off, on closer examination, this is a clear unnecessary risk to purchasers of the jacket.  Further, the benefit of the design is small compared to the risk.  You might give Triumph a pass if they did it accidentally, but they have publicly commented on the problem.  At this point, they may well have responsibility to someone who innocently purchases the jacket, not knowing of the problem.