The Top 10 Motorcycle Blogs of 2023

January 22, 2023
By Michael Padway

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If you’re as passionate as we are about motorcycles, you’re constantly on a mission to educate yourself and find influence within the industry. With all of the information out there it can get tough trying to figure out where to turn and what to follow. Don’t worry, you’re not alone — and to make things easier for you, we’ve taken out the guesswork by compiling a list of the top ten motorcycle blogs.


Location: Ontario, CA
Twitter: @MotorcycleCom
Web: has been a staple in resources and information for the motorcycle scene around the world since the early 90s. These guys cover every type of motorcycle genre you can think of, making them one of the most comprehensive blogs out there. Whether you’re looking for reviews of motorcycles or parts, bikes for sale, insurance information, or just a little bit of entertainment to pass your time, has you covered.


2. Cycle World Magazine

Cycle World

Location: Irvine, CA

A true powerhouse in the moto-blogging world packed with as many areas of motorcycle coverage as you can ask for. Cycle World was a magazine initially founded in 1962 by Joe Parkhurst, who was later inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. CycleWorld features in-depth reviews conducted by experienced professionals who remain objective and are on the cutting edge of information within the industry. What’s more, CycleWorld also publishes a ton of great Youtube content making for a more engaging experience.

3. Bike Exif

Location: New Zealand
Twitter: @BikeEXIF

Bike Exif is one of my favorites for showcasing beautiful machinery. Cleanly presented and comprehensive with a niche in covering the latest cafe racers, bobbers, and scramblers, as well as some nifty how-to guides and apparel store. You can even find a cool little FAQ about the website and founder, Chris Hunter, here.

4. Return of the Cafe Racers

Location: Victoria, Australia
Twitter: @CafeRacrsReturn

Return of The Cafe Racers is a custom bike blog founded by Geoff Baldwin out of Australia. Return of The Cafe Racers is big in the custom-built bikes scene, providing helpful information and a platform for users to submit their bespoke motorcycles. They also provide a map of the locations of some of the best custom bike shops in the world.


5. RideApart

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Twitter: @RideApart

RideApart has a wide variety of content including product reviews, buyer’s guides, and current events in motorcycle news. Their Ask RideApart section is also a great resource, however, some of the answers they’ve provided to questions seem short and/or vague. Regardless, this is still one of the best resources for information in the industry.

6. VisorDown

Location: United Kingdom
Twitter: @VisorDown

Based in the UK, VisorDown has everything a motorcycle enthusiast would want. From news, reviews, how-tos, and some great interviews with some of the industry’s most talented riders, it’s definitely a unique experience visiting this blog. VisorDown also has a great Youtube presence, so be sure to check out their videos!

7. Asphalt and Rubber

Location: Unknown
Twitter: @Asphalt_Rubber

Launched in 2008, Asphalt and Rubber has a unique touch on motorcycle journalism as it covers some of the more unique topics within the industry. Asphalt and Rubber has great podcast content and also provides the option to purchase a Pro Member account where users can access more benefits such as exclusive interviews, no advertisements, and more engagement with the Authors themselves via weekly Q and A sessions.


8. Motoress

Location: Unknown
Twitter: @Motoress

Founded in 1998 — and originally under the name RACEGIRL MOTORSPORT — Motoress boasts as the longest-running women’s motorcycle website. The site is chock full of useful motorcycle reviews, technique guidance, and a place for women to submit their personal stories pertaining to the lifestyle. Be sure to check out some of Motoress’ well-documented motorcycle travels.

9. Motorcycle News

Location: United Kingdom
Twitter: @MCNews

The newspaper version of Motorcycle News has been around for quite some time, originally blossoming in the UK in the 1950s. MCN is packed with news, reviews, and a very extensive classified section.

10. DucaChica

Location: Unknown
Twitter: @Duca_Chica

Initially created in 2018 as a motorcycle enthusiast blog for female riders, DucaChica provides unbiased product reviews, covers some of motorcycling’s current events, and is a voice for female riders worldwide. We’re excited to watch this blog grow and to see what DucaChica has in store for us in the future.

Michael Padway

Michael Padway uses his expertise in personal injury and motorcycle accidents to represent a broad spectrum of clients dealing with life-changing and permanent injuries for the first time. His offices are located at 235 Montgomery St., Ste 668, San Francisco, CA 94104 and at 3140 Chapman St. Oakland, CA 94601. For more information, please call (800) 928-1511.


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