Guide To The Best Motorcycle Insurance For Young Riders

January 2, 2024
By Michael Padway
Motorcycle Insurance for Young Riders

Riding a motorcycle can be an exciting experience, especially for young riders who are just getting started. However, many young riders find it challenging to get affordable motorcycle insurance. 

Why is motorcycle insurance expensive for young riders? A lack of experience and government data showing that young motorcyclists are involved in more accidents than older riders are two factors affecting their ability to find an insurance company willing to insure them and the amount they pay in premiums.

In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why young motorcycle riders face difficulties getting inexpensive motorcycle insurance and what they can do about it. We’ll also look at some insurance companies offering the best motorcycle insurance for young riders.

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What is motorcycle insurance for young riders?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, young riders between the age of 25 and 29 have more motorcycle accidents than riders of other ages. Generally, young motorcyclists with a high risk of accidents pay more because insurance companies need to offset that risk by charging more for the policies. 

Motorcycle insurance for young riders can be more expensive than for older, more experienced riders. Insurance companies generally consider young riders a higher risk group, as they may lack experience on the road and may be more likely to engage in risky behavior while riding. Insurance companies may also consider the type of motorcycle the young rider owns, as high-performance motorcycles can be more expensive to insure due to the increased risk of accidents.

Motorcycle insurance for young riders is a type of insurance that provides coverage for young riders who own and operate motorcycles without having ridden long enough to show they can ride without getting traffic tickets and causing accidents. Motorcycle insurance policies for young riders typically include liability coverage, which covers the cost of damage or injury that the rider may cause to other people or their property while riding their motorcycle. In addition to liability coverage, motorcycle insurance policies may include coverage for theft, vandalism, collision, and other types of damage to the bike.

Young riders need motorcycle insurance because most states require it. Additionally, motorcycle insurance can protect young riders from financial loss in an accident, theft, or other incidents. Without insurance, young riders may be responsible for paying out of pocket for damages, injuries, and other costs resulting from an accident.

Why is motorcycle insurance for young riders important?

Riding without insurance exposes you to hefty fines for violating the law by riding in states with laws imposing mandatory insurance requirements. Other than Florida, Montana, and Washington, all states have laws requiring that motorcycle riders have bodily injury and property damage liability insurance when riding. Riding without insurance in states with insurance requirements violates the law and is typically punishable by hefty fines. 

There are other reasons why it’s important to have motorcycle insurance for young riders, including:

  • Financial protection in case of an accident: If you have an accident while riding a motorcycle, retaining the services of a lawyer to defend yourself against claims made by people injured in the accident or whose property was damaged is expensive. A motorcycle insurance policy not only pays for your defense against claims arising from an accident, but it also pays for claims made for accidents proven to be your fault. The cost of repairs to damaged property or the medical expenses and other damages incurred by a person injured in a motorcycle accident can be financially devastating for a rider who does not have insurance.
  • Availability of optional coverages: Typical mandatory coverage required by most states are bodily injury and property damage, but many insurance companies offer other types of coverage that may be beneficial to young rides, such as comprehensive coverage pays for repair or replacement of your motorcycle for non-collision damage, such as fire, theft, and vandalism. Collision coverage pays for the repair or replacement of your motorcycle that is damaged in a crash. Other insurance benefits include trip interruption insurance, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement.
  • Discounts available to young riders: Depending on the insurance company you choose for coverage, it may offer a reduction in cost for the completion of a motorcycle safety course. Some companies give discounts to people with clean driving records.
  • Peace of mind: For a young rider who is just starting out in life, the peace of mind that comes from having insurance protection may be the greatest benefit of all.

Now that you realize the benefits of having motorcycle insurance, the next section discusses what to look for when searching for the best motorcycle insurance for young riders.

Factors to consider before choosing the right motorcycle insurance for young riders

Motorcycle insurance is an important consideration for young riders who are looking to hit the road on two wheels. Here are some key points to keep in mind when deciding on the best motorcycle insurance for young riders:

  • Understand state requirements: Each state has its own set of requirements for motorcycle insurance. As a young rider, it is important to be familiar with the specific requirements in your state to ensure that you are meeting the legal minimums for coverage. For example, some states require liability insurance, while others require additional coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists.
  • Consider coverage needs: While meeting state requirements is important, it is also essential to consider your own coverage needs. Young riders should take the time to make a list of all the coverage options available and determine which ones they truly need. Some riders may want to consider additional coverage for things like medical payments, comprehensive coverage, or collision coverage.
  • Research insurance providers: To find the best coverage and rates for young riders, it is important to research insurance providers. Comparing different providers can help you identify the best options for your needs and budget. You can use online tools to get quotes and compare policies, or you can work with an insurance agent to find the right coverage.
  • Determine the appropriate deductible: A deductible is the amount that you are responsible for paying out of pocket in the event of an accident. Young riders should decide on a deductible that works best for their budget and their ability to pay out of pocket. A higher deductible can lower your premiums. Just keep in mind that the higher the deductible, the more money you must pay from your own pocket after an accident. 
  • Take advantage of discounts: Many insurance providers offer discounts to young riders who complete motorcycle safety courses or maintain a clean driving record that is free of accidents or traffic violations. These discounts can help lower your premiums and make insurance more affordable. Be sure to ask your provider about any available discounts.
  • Read the policy thoroughly: Before signing up for a policy, young riders should read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions of their insurance policy. This can help avoid surprises or confusion regarding payments and coverage in an accident. Be sure to ask questions if anything is unclear or if you need more information about your coverage.

When shopping for the best motorcycle insurance for young riders don’t forget about discounts and promotions that insurance companies may offer in your area. Even if you don’t see a discount or promotion an advertisement or on an insurer’s website, this is one situation when it pays to ask.

Best motorcycle insurance for young riders: Our top three

There are many reputable insurance companies to choose from when you’re in the market to find the best motorcycle insurance for young riders. Based on our research of the current insurance market, you may wish to use the following recommendations to narrow your search for an insurance company:

  • Geico: The company has built a reputation over the years for affordable insurance options for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles. Some of the reasons for our recommendation of Geico for motorcycle insurance for young riders include:
    • Very affordable rates and a variety of discount programs.
    • Motorcycle policies may be customized to fit the needs and budget of each rider.
    • Convenient installment plans for payment of the policy premium.
    • Discounts are given to young riders completing motorcycle safety courses through either the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or a safety course offered through the military.
    • Geico motorcycle insurance takes a hit for its limited coverage options. For example, it does not offer an original equipment coverage option, which may or may not be important to you.
  • Dairyland: What began as a small, local insurance company in Wisconsin that specialized in insuring young drivers or drivers with poor driving records now has a national presence with cheap motorcycle insurance for young riders. They stand out as a company for young motorcyclists because of the following:
    • Offer some of the lowest rates for young riders.
    • A wide variety of coverage options include medical payments, collision, comprehensive and other types of coverage.
    • Customizable coverage options for young riders.
    • Discount programs available to young riders include lower premiums for completing a rider safety course and for having a clean driving record.
  • Harley-Davidson: The motorcycle manufacturer wants people to know that it does more than just build and sell motorcycles. It also offers some excellent insurance options for young riders, including:
    • Harley-Davidson offers motorcycle insurance and financing options for the policies it offers.
    • Coverage includes optional equipment and replacement cost options.
    • Military and law enforcement discounts.
    • Motorcycle safety course discount.
    • A variety of coverage options are available for younger riders.

Use our three recommendations to compare against other insurance companies to help you to find the company offering the best motorcycle insurance for young riders.

Tips to get cheap motorcycle insurance for young riders

There are several reasons why young motorcycle riders have difficulty getting inexpensive motorcycle insurance. These include:

  • Lack of experience: Insurance companies consider the experience level of the rider when setting premiums. Young riders, especially those under 25, are often considered high-risk because they lack experience on the road. Insurance companies assume that young riders are more likely to get into accidents, which makes them a higher risk to insure. This can result in higher insurance premiums.
  • High-performance motorcycles: Young riders are often drawn to high-performance motorcycles that can be more expensive to insure. These motorcycles can be more powerful, faster, and more difficult to control than standard motorcycles, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Age: Young riders are often charged more for insurance because of their age. Insurance companies assume that younger riders are more likely to engage in risky behavior on the road and are therefore more likely to be involved in accidents.
  • Lack of safety training: Many young riders have not completed a motorcycle safety course. Completing such a course can improve a rider’s skills and knowledge of road safety, which can lower the risk of accidents and reduce insurance premiums.

What can young riders do to get cheap motorbike insurance? Despite the challenges, there are several things that young riders can do to get inexpensive motorcycle insurance. These include:

  • Choose a less powerful motorcycle: As mentioned earlier, high-performance motorcycles can be more expensive to insure. Young riders should consider starting with a less powerful motorcycle that is easier to control and less expensive to insure. This can help to reduce insurance premiums.
  • Complete a motorcycle safety course: Completing a motorcycle safety course can improve a rider’s skills and knowledge of road safety, which can lower the risk of accidents and reduce insurance premiums. Insurance companies may offer discounts to riders who have completed such a course.
  • Maintain a clean driving record: A clean driving record is important for all riders, but especially for young riders who are considered high-risk. Young riders should avoid traffic violations, accidents, and other incidents that can affect their driving record.
  • Shop around: Young riders should shop around and compare insurance quotes from different companies. This can help them to find the best deal on motorcycle insurance. Insurance companies have different underwriting guidelines, and some may be more lenient towards young riders than others.
  • Increase the deductible: Young riders can reduce their insurance premiums by increasing their deductible. The deductible is the amount that the rider must pay out of pocket before insurance coverage kicks in. Increasing the deductible can reduce the cost of insurance, but riders should make sure they can afford the deductible in the event of an accident.
  • Bundling insurance policies: If you own home and a motorcycle, many insurance companies offer discounts when you use them to insure both your home and your motorcycle. Discounts may exist for insuring a car and motorcycle that you own with the same company.

Using these tips will help you find a company offering cheap motorcycle insurance for young riders. Just remember that shopping around and comparing insurance companies in your area is the best way to find a motorcycle insurance agency.


Young motorcycle riders face challenges when it comes to getting inexpensive motorcycle insurance. Insurance companies consider young riders high-risk because of their age, lack of experience, and tendency to ride high-performance motorcycles. However, young riders can take steps to reduce their insurance premiums. 

Choosing a less powerful motorcycle, completing a motorcycle safety course, maintaining a clean driving record, shopping around, increasing the deductible, and other suggestions from this article can help reduce insurance costs. By following these tips, young riders can enjoy the thrill of riding a motorcycle without breaking the bank on insurance premiums.

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