BMW NP Body Armor

January 1, 2024
By Michael Padway
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I finally got a hands on demonstration of the BMW version of D3O body armor, which BMW calls NP.   I happened to be near CAL Moto in Mountain View, a great shop run by enthusiasts Kari Prager and Mike Meissner. They carry a lot of the BMW product line, and I got a hands on demonstration of the BMW version of this high tech product.

Before getting into the details, let me say a few words about the BMW version of this material.  BMW’s version is substantially thicker, and looks a little more rubber like than the thinner 3DO, which has a lot more texture.  BMW claims (which charts and graphs) that their material provides a substantially higher level of protection than the thinner

Anyway, the demonstration is that if you push on the rounded part of, for example, a shoulder piece, it will slowly push flat.  On the other hand, if you hit it with a fist, it hardens so fast that it won’t ever get flat.  I did it a few times, and
it was fun.  I am convinced that this is a good and useful technology, and a major improvement over regular body armor.

I tried on a jacket fitted with the armor, and I have to say that, at least in the BMW version, there is still a substantial amount of weight.  On the other hand, the armor seems to mold well to the body, and there was a lot less of the “Ricky Racer” look.

As always, it will take time to see how this new product performs in the field.  In the meantime, I am including it in the selection process for any new protective clothing.

If you are thinking about new gear that includes body armor, I seriously suggest that you check this one out.  It may change your thinking.


Michael Padway

Michael Padway uses his expertise in personal injury and motorcycle accidents to represent a broad spectrum of clients dealing with life-changing and permanent injuries for the first time. His offices are located at 235 Montgomery St., Ste 668, San Francisco, CA 94104 and at 3140 Chapman St. Oakland, CA 94601. For more information, please call (800) 928-1511.

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