Best GoPro-Style for Motorcycle Riders (2024)

January 2, 2024
By Spencer Padway
Best GoPro Style for Motorcycle Riders

Whether you’re a seasoned motorcycle rider or a newbie, capturing your rides on camera is an excellent way to showcase your points of view, relive the experience and share the joy of riding with others. GoPro cameras are a great way to capture the experience of motorcycling – – they’re small, durable, and designed to capture high-quality footage in even the most challenging conditions.

After researching and testing several GoPro models, we’ve determined that the GoPro HERO10 Black is the best GoPro for motorcycle rides. This camera is incredibly versatile, with features like HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization, TimeWarp 3.0 time-lapse, and 5K video resolution. It’s also waterproof and built to withstand rugged conditions, making it an ideal choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

However, we’ve reviewed some other GoPro-Style cameras for motorcyclists as well as camera accessories in this guide so you can find the best motorcycle camera for your needs.

Best GoPro for Motorcycle

If you’re an avid motorcycle rider, you know the importance of capturing your adventures on camera. Whether you’re hitting the open road or tackling tough terrain, a GoPro is the perfect way to document your journey. As experts in the field, we’ve tested and reviewed the top GoPros on the market to bring you our list of the best Go Pros for motorcycle enthusiasts. From image quality to durability and ease of use, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks below.

GoPro HERO10 Black Bundle + Dual Battery Charger + 1 Extra Battery + 64GB SD Card

In our testing, we found that the HERO10 Black delivered smooth, high-quality footage even at high speeds. Its compact size and lightweight design made it easy to wear while riding, and its intuitive touchscreen interface allowed us to quickly adjust settings on the go.

If you’re looking for the best GoPro for motorcycles, the GoPro HERO10 Black Bundle is definitely worth considering. With its revolutionary processor, high-res photos and videos, and unbelievable image quality, this action camera is perfect for capturing your motorcycle adventures.


  • The powerful new GP2 engine offers snappy performance, responsive touch controls, and double the frame rate for amazingly smooth footage.
  • The camera captures jaw-dropping 5.3K video with 91% more resolution than 4K and an incredible 665% more than 1080p, making your photos and videos even more stunning.
  • HyperSmooth 4.0 has never been smoother, and it’s easy to dial in the best stabilization at all times.


  • The outer shell is hard to open to switch the batteries.
  • The computer UI could be better.
  • At $255, the camera may be too expensive for more budget-conscious users.

We recently used the GoPro HERO10 Black Bundle on a motorcycle trip and were blown away by the quality of the footage. The camera captures every detail, from the scenery to the movement of the motorcycle, making the viewer feel like they’re right there with us. The touch controls are responsive and easy to use, and the camera is waterproof, which is great for motorcycle trips in the rain or those that involve water crossings.

One of the best features of the GoPro HERO10 Black Bundle is its HyperSmooth 4.0 technology. The camera’s stabilization is so good that it almost feels like you’re on a gimbal. Even when riding on bumpy roads, the footage is incredibly smooth, making it a pleasure to watch.

The only downside we found was that the outer shell is hard to open to switch the batteries. It takes a bit of effort to open it, which can be frustrating when you’re in a hurry. Also, the camera is a bit more expensive compared to others on this list, but we think it’s worth the investment if you’re serious about capturing your motorcycle adventures.

Overall, we highly recommend the GoPro HERO10 Black Bundle for anyone looking for the best GoPro for motorcycles. Its powerful engine, high-res photos and videos, and unbelievable image quality make it a great choice for capturing your motorcycle adventures.

ACProPlus Action Camera

If you’re looking for an affordable action camera for your motorcycle adventures, the ACProPlus Action Camera is a decent choice.


  • The camera supports 4K/30fps video and 16MP photos, with adjustable viewing angles of 170°, 140°, 110° and 70°, allowing you to capture every moment in high-quality.
  • The camera is waterproof up to 30m, making it perfect for water sports like swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. The built-in gyroscope with anti-shake function ensures stable and smooth video recordings, even in changing light underwater.
  • The camera comes with a 2.4G wireless remote controller and built-in WiFi, allowing you to control the camera from your smartphone or tablet. You can also quickly edit and share your photos and videos using the corresponding app.


  • The camera’s battery life is not very impressive, with only 80 minutes of continuous recording time. However, the camera comes with two rechargeable batteries, which can be easily replaced.
  • The camera doesn’t come with a microphone, so the audio quality may not be the best.
  • The camera’s accessories are not very versatile, with most of them being suitable for cycling, hiking, skiing, and skydiving.

Overall, the ACProPlus Action Camera is a decent choice for those looking for an affordable action camera for their motorcycle adventures at under $50. However, if you’re looking for a camera with better battery life and more versatile accessories, you may want to consider other options.

AKASO V50X Action Camera

If you’re looking for an affordable and feature-packed action camera for your motorcycle adventures, the AKASO V50X is definitely worth considering.


  • The camera offers a variety of video resolutions, including 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, and 2K/60fps, allowing you to capture stunning and vivid videos.
  • The touch screen is intuitive and easy to use, making it a breeze to switch between capture modes and adjust settings.
  • With electronic image stabilization, the AKASO V50X records smooth and steady footage even when you’re riding on bumpy roads or trails.


  • The camera’s battery life could be better, although it does come with two rechargeable batteries that support up to 180 minutes of video recording.
  • While the AKASO V50X’s adjustable view angle is a nice feature, the distortion correction doesn’t always work perfectly.
  • The included accessories are somewhat basic, so you may need to purchase additional mounts and accessories to suit your needs.

We recently took the AKASO V50X on a motorcycle trip and were impressed with its performance. The camera’s video quality is excellent, and the touch screen is responsive and easy to navigate, even with motorcycle gloves on. The electronic image stabilization works well, producing smooth and stable footage even when we were riding on rough terrain.

One thing to note is that the camera’s battery life could be better, especially if you’re recording at higher resolutions or using Wi-Fi. However, the two included batteries are a nice touch, and we were able to get through a full day of riding with no issues.

Overall, at roughly $80, we think the AKASO V50X is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and feature-packed action camera for their motorcycle adventures. Just be prepared to purchase additional mounts and accessories if you need more than the basics.

SKEZN Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Mount Holder

We highly recommend the SKEZN Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Mount Holder for anyone looking for a durable and reliable mount for their GoPro or other sport camera while riding their motorcycle.


  • The bracket mount is specifically designed for motorcycle rearview mirrors, ensuring a secure and safe camera mount while recording your ride.
  • The unique spherical connection and double-sided opening design allows for 360 degree panoramic shooting, giving you the perfect angle for any shot.
  • Made from high-quality aluminum alloy material, this mount is strong and durable without any deformation. The sandblasted surface and anticathode oxidation treatment also improves anti-corrosion.


  • Some users have reported that the mount only fits GoPro brand mounts and cases, and generic brands fit looser.
  • The base of the mount may interfere with the operation of the clutch handle on some Harley motorcycles.
  • A few users have reported difficulty tightening the ball seat to keep the mount in place.

We found the SKEZN Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Mount Holder to be incredibly easy to install, with a manual locking mechanism to keep the mount secure. It can be mounted on any motorcycle with a rearview mirror tube diameter of 10mm, and is compatible with a variety of sport cameras, including the GoPro Hero, Campaark, AKASO, and DJI Osmo Action.

The mount is perfect for any motorcyclist looking to capture their ride on camera, with minimal vibration and a strong grip on the rearview mirror. The high-quality aluminum alloy material ensures the mount will last for many rides. Overall, we highly recommend the SKEZN Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Mount Holder for anyone in need of a reliable and sturdy camera mount for their motorcycle.

Kalofaye Selfie Stick

If you’re looking for a reliable third-person perspective camera mount for your motorcycle, you should definitely consider the Kalofaye Selfie Stick. It’s a durable and versatile accessory that can help you capture stunning footage of your rides.


  • The selfie stick is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including GoPro Hero and Insta360 ONE X/ONE/EVO.
  • The inclined core rod design allows you to adjust each part separately and lock it in place, which makes it easy to find the perfect angle for your shots.
  • The 5-section telescopic tube design lets you adjust the length of the selfie stick from 11in to 44.7in, making it suitable for different shooting scenarios.


  • The selfie stick may not be compatible with all motorcycle handlebars, so you should check the size before purchasing.
  • Some users have reported that the locking mechanism may come undone when exposed to vibrations, which can be annoying.
  • The invisible stick may fold down, which can be frustrating if you’re trying to capture a specific shot.

Overall, we think that the Kalofaye Selfie Stick is a great investment for anyone who wants to capture high-quality footage of their motorcycle rides. It’s sturdy, versatile, and easy to use, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced riders.

Motorcycle GoPro or Camera Buying Guide

When choosing the best GoPro for motorcycle use, several factors must be considered. Here are some key features to look for:

Camera Size and Weight

You’ll want to consider the motorcycle camera’s size and weight. A bulky camera can be distracting, dangerous or even uncomfortable to use while riding. We recommend choosing a model that’s compact and lightweight.


Motorcycles can be exposed to harsh weather conditions, including rain and high wind, and vibrations, so it’s important to choose a durable GoPro or GoPro-style camera that can withstand tough conditions. Look for cameras that are waterproof, shockproof and have a sturdy build.

Image Quality

For high-quality footage, you’ll want a camera with a high resolution and frame rate. This will ensure that your videos are clear and smooth, even when you’re moving at high speeds.

Mounting Options

When it comes to mounting your GoPro on your motorcycle, you want to make sure you have a variety of options. Look for cameras that come with multiple mounting options or that are compatible with third-party mounts.

Battery Life

Since motorcycle rides can last for hours, choosing a camera with a long battery life is important. Look for cameras that have a battery life of at least 2 to 3 hours or that can be easily charged on the go.


Finally, you want a camera that is easy to use and navigate. Look for cameras that have intuitive menus and controls and that come with clear instructions and tutorials.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best GoPro for your motorcycle needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to motorcycle touring, having a camera that can capture high-quality footage is essential. Some recommended cameras for motorcycle touring include the GoPro HERO10 Black, DJI Osmo Action, and Garmin VIRB Ultra 30.

What are some affordable motorcycle cameras that provide both front and rear views?

For those on a budget, there are several affordable motorcycle cameras that provide both front and rear views. Some options include the INNOVV C5, Blueskysea B1W, and VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam.

Which GoPro models are suitable for motovlogging?

If you’re looking to start motovlogging, the GoPro HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black, and HERO7 Black are all great options. These cameras offer high-quality video and audio, as well as features like HyperSmooth stabilization and TimeWarp.

Are GoPros a good option for capturing footage while riding a motorcycle?

Yes, GoPros are a great option for capturing footage while riding a motorcycle. They are lightweight, durable, and offer high-quality video and audio. Additionally, many models come with features like HyperSmooth stabilization and TimeWarp, which can help to make your footage look even better.

What are some top-rated 360 cameras for motorcycle enthusiasts?

For those looking to capture 360-degree footage while riding a motorcycle, some top-rated options include the GoPro MAX, Insta360 ONE R, and Ricoh Theta V. These cameras offer immersive, high-quality footage that can help to capture the full experience of riding a motorcycle.

In most cases, using a GoPro while riding a motorcycle is legal. However, it is important to check the laws in your specific area, as some states or countries may have restrictions on the use of cameras while driving or riding a motorcycle. Also, be sure that the camera is placed somewhere where it will not be a distraction to you while driving.

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