10 Unique Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

January 3, 2024
By Michael Padway
unique gifts for motorcycle riders

Can’t think of a gift for the motorcyclist in your life? We’ve put together a list of 10 truly unique motorcycle gifts that are sure to please. Check it out!


If you have a good friend or a family member who owns and rides motorcycles, you may be struggling to come up with the perfect gift for them. You may have gone through this struggle before only to give up and settle on a gift card. 

It’s tough buying gifts because you want to get the person something they want and will enjoy, but it can be challenging unless you flat out ask the person to tell you what they want, which takes the fun and surprise out of gift giving. That challenge is even worse when trying to choose gifts for motorcyclists because people who own and ride motorcycles tend to be individualists with their own ideas about what equipment to add to their motorcycles and the clothing they wear when riding. Buy the wrong thing, and it will end up in the closet or in a corner of the garage.

You may be thinking right now that a gift card may not be such a bad idea after all. Well, forget about gift cards, because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. 

In compiling a list of cool gifts for motorcyclists, we purposely stayed away from highly personal items, such as helmets. Riders can be very picky about the type of helmet they choose to wear. Buy a full-face helmet for someone who prefers a half helmet, and your gift will be returned or go into storage. 

Even if you know the style preference and helmet size worn by a rider, it has to fit and feel right. Trust us when we say that buying a helmet is a very personal process that does not lend itself to gift giving unless you take the person with you. If that’s what you’re doing, then you may as well just go with a gift card or put money in an envelope with a funny card. Better yet, skip the helmet or other types of gifts where size or personal preference becomes a deal breaker. Instead, we have a better idea.

We’ve put together a list of 10 unique gifts for motorcyclists from which to choose. Our suggestions are certain to please even the fussiest and hardest-to-shop-for riders. All you have to do is buy the one you like, wrap it, add a bow and some ribbons, and then stand back and enjoy what happens when the gift is opened.

10 Unique Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

As you look through this list of gifts for motorcycle lovers, compare each of the gift suggestions to what you know about the person you are buying it for in order to come up with a perfect match. Here, then, are our suggested motorcycle gifts for the motorcyclist in your life.

Motorcycle phone mount: 

Having your phone visible while you ride makes it easier to use the GPS application to get you where you need to go, so the last thing a rider wants to do is reach into their pocket to get to the phone. Mounts specifically designed for use on motorcycles prevent a phone from being damaged by vibration. These are the three best options that we found:

Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Phone Mount with Vibration Dampener & High-Speed Secure Lock

Available in black or silver, this phone mount is equipped with a vibration dampener to minimize the risk of damaging a phone and to keep it steady when recording videos while riding. It features a quick, easy to use one-handed lock and release design. Phone mount installs on the handlebars or on the mirror bracket. Available sale at $79.99.

Motorcycle Phone Mount with Qi 15W Wireless Charger & USB C 20W Fast Charging Port

Phone charger mount accommodates charging two devices at the same time. The USB C port lets you connect to a power bank or to a USB socket as a power input. Made of aluminum alloy with a telescoping arm that safely and securely holds the phone in place. It includes shockproof silicone to prevent vibration damage while holding the phone steady as you ride. Available for sale for $38.99.

Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone – by TACKFORM

Built last, this machined aluminum mount uses an industrial spring system to securely hold your phone while riding. Convenient one-hand operation of the phone cradle makes it easy to get the phone in and out. This item is available for sale for $59.99.

2. Motorcycle touchscreen gloves

Gloves are great as Christmas gifts for motorcyclists because everyone who rides can use them. They also are an excellent gift idea for other times of the year, as well. Gloves not only keep the hands warm and protect them in case of an accident, but they also improve a rider’s gripping ability. Gloves made for use with a cellphone’s touch screen let riders use their phone without the annoyance of having to remove their glove. Here are a few recommendations:

Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 Gloves

These short-cuff gloves are made from leather, but the unique design promotes airflow that riders appreciate when riding during hot weather. Strategically placed foam padding on the thumb and palm areas improves rider comfort. It has a touch-screen finger for convenience of use. The gloves sell for $59.95.

Pre-Weathered Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Stylish and comfortable describe these real leather gloves that protect hands from the elements and road hazards while delivering comfort and flexibility. The design and construction of the gloves make them perfect for riding year-round regardless of the weather conditions that come your way. There are touch-screen fingertips on the thumb, index finger and middle finger. They are priced at $79.99.

Spidi Winter Tourer Gloves

Waterproof and ideal for riding in colder weather, these suede microfiber gloves include polar microfleece, but they are breathable to promote rider comfort. These touch-screen compatible gloves sell for $79.90.

3. Motorcycle cover

If the person on your gift list has a garage to store a motorcycle, you may be tempted to skip motorcycle covers. They are actually cool gifts for motorcyclists who travel and need a shelter for their bikes while on the road and away from home. Here are three of the best options in motorcycle covers:

Speedmetal Premium Stretch Motorcycle Cover

Made of durable, all-weather polyester with covered ventilation ports and pass-throughs at both the front and rear wheels to make it easier to lockup a motorcycle using a chain or cable. Elastic bottom seams make the cover stretchable for ease of installation and a snug fit. A lobster-claw strap allows the cover to do its job protecting a motorcycle even during high winds. It sells for $89.99.

MZS Motorcycle Cover

This all-weather, waterproof cover comes in sizes ranging from 86 inches to 116 inches, and it is made of tough polyurethane for durability in all seasons no matter what the weather conditions. Lock holes at the front and rear wheels let you use your favorite anti-theft device to deter thieves. The cover comes with its own storage bag. It sells for $39.99.

Nelson Rigg Deluxe All Season Cover

Made of water resistant and lightweight Tri-max polyester, this cover comes packed in a reusable compression bag for easy and compact storage when not in use. Perfect to protect your motorcycle from mild weather conditions while traveling. Sizes available to fit different types and sizes of bikes. Prices start at $39.96.

4. Action Camera for Motorcycle Helmets

Helmet action cameras make it possible for you to show people what you experience on your rides instead of only telling them about it. In case of an accident, video shot by an action camera mounted on a helmet can prove invaluable to prove that another driver was at fault.

Alvuri Motorbike Helmet Camera

This action camera with microphone has 1080P/720P full HD resolution with a wide angle lens. Powered by a rechargeable built-in lithium battery, the camera measures only 3.54 x 1.18 inches. Built for use in all weather conditions. Available for only $43.99.

VSYSTO HD 1080P Motorcycle Bike Helmet Camera

Although designed specifically for mounting on helmets, this action camera is small enough to be carried in your pocket for use when not riding. It comes with a 150 degree wide angle 6-layer glass lens with built-in WiFi. It is waterproof and supports night vision. Available for $89.99.

LKT Bike Motorcycle Helmet Camera

This is a truly unique gift for motorcycle riders because of its dual lens design. A premium quality forward lens combines with a 15 degree angle rear-facing lens for maximum coverage while you ride even in low-light conditions. It is available for $169.97.

5. Portable Tire Inflator

Nothing is more frustrating than to realize your tires need air when riding in an unfamiliar area. A portable tire inflator makes perfect sense when trying to decide on gifts for motorcycle lovers. Here are three to consider:

Slime Power Sports G2 Tire Inflator

This powerful yet compact tire inflator has connectors to fit multiple power sources. Its 100 PSI max pressure produced by its 12-volt compressor easily handles any roadside emergency. It is priced at $57.95.


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URORU Portable Tire Inflator

Capable of producing 150 PSI and equipped with an LED digital screen, this inflator has an emergency LED light and power bank built into it. This cordless inflator is rechargeable and compact enough for easy storage. It sells for $49.99.

Fanttik X8 Portable Tire Inflator

An ultra-lightweight, cordless inflator that produces 150 PSI. It weighs only 1.2 pounds and is small enough to fight into a saddlebag or a pocket. It sells for $79.97.

6. Waterproof Accessory Bag

Motorcycles generally have limited storage capacity, so waterproof accessory bags make ideal gifts for motorcycle lovers. The three bags we’ve chosen for this list of suggested gifts for motorcyclists offer a waterproof alternative to backpacks or traditional luggage when carrying clothing and other things you prefer not carrying in saddlebags:

Sedici Dry Bag Accessory Pack

Sedici offers an entire line of dry accessory bags that come in different sizes. They can be used independently or attached to each other for increased capacity. Each bag is made of dual-layer tarpaulin material that is waterproof, so whatever you pack stays dry regardless of the weather. Available in 5, 10 and 20 liter sizes starting at $35.99.

Rhinowalk Motorcycle Tail Bag

Bags come in 8-, 15- and 30-liter sizes and are made from PVC-coated polyester that is waterproof and resistant to tears. Bags may be used independently or combined into a modular unit. Prices start at $65.99 for the 8 liter bag.

Ciro 60L Roll Top Waterproof Bag

The roll top, welded seams and heavy-duty nylon keep the contents of this bag dry regardless of the weather conditions. Pivoting mounting points make it easy to secure it to a luggage rack or to a back seat with a Tour-Pak or sissy bar. The 60 liter bag sells for $85.99.

7. Multitool for Motorcyclists

Roadside or trailside, a multitool in your pocket or saddlebag offers peace of mind knowing that the tools needed for emergency repairs or to make adjustments are readily available. The following are our top choices as motorcycle rider gifts:

Crank Brothers M19 MTB Multitool

Containing an assortment of high-tensile tools, this multitool puts an entire toolbox in your pocket or saddlebag to use whenever repairs or adjustments become necessary. It includes screwdrivers, open and hex wrenches, and other tools to get you out of a jam. It sells for $35.99.

SIUPRO Multitool Pocket Knife

Nineteen essential tools to have for roadside and trailside emergencies. Everything folds into a compact unit that fits in your pocket or accessory bag. All tools and knife blades have a locking mechanism to secure them in place when fully opened. Available for $39.98.

8. Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Riding on tires that are under or over inflated can lead to excessive wear and damage to your tires. It also affects how a motorcycle handles, which could lead to an accident. An easy way to monitor tire pressure as you ride is with a wireless tire pressure monitoring system. Here are two suggestions:

SYKIK Rider SRTP300 Wireless tire Pressure Monitoring System

This system gives you real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature. System includes two sensors that mount on your tires, lock nuts, waterproof digital display unit, and mounting units for either handlebar or flat surfaces. The system sells for $54.95.

FOBO Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Real-time monitoring of tire pressure that uses Bluetooth technology to send tire pressure and temperature readings directly to your Apple or Android smartphone. Allows you to get text alerts when tires are over or under inflated. Includes 2 sensors that mount on the air valves of your tires. The system sells for $99.00.

9. Air-Cooling Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Standard motorcycle seats are notorious for being uncomfortable on long rides or when riding in warm weather because they get hot and stay hot. Give the motorcyclist on your gift list something to smile about with an air-cooling motorcycle seat cushion. Here are our choices:

Badass Moto Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Instead of paying the high cost of a customized seat for your motorcycle, try a seat cushion designed to circulate air to keep you cool as you ride. It relieves pressure points while keeping you cool all day. It sells for $29.95 for the large, but other sizes are available to fit your bike.

Lutun Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Its unique design lets you fill the cushion with air or water to achieve the body-shaping comfort you desire. The water absorbs heat while the design of the cushion promotes air circulation as you ride. The seat cushion is sized to fit most motorcycles and is priced at $28.99.

SKWOOSH Passenger Pillion IV Motorcycle Gel Rear Seat Pad

An ergonomically designed gel seat pad made specifically with the comfort of passengers in mind. Made of durable fabric that is waterproof, this easy to install passenger pad sells for $50.92.

10. Motorcycle Sound Bar

What could be better than listening to your favorite music while out for a ride on a motorcycle? We’ve chosen three sound bars that we think offer the best in sound quality while standing up to the elements and road vibration:

Kuryakyn Wanderbar Detachable Sound Bar

Crystal clear sound quality with impressive mid- and low-range depth can be expected from the dual woofers and four tweeters built into this soundbar. Along with impressive sound, the Wanderbar is built to withstand the vibration and adverse weather conditions typical to motorcycle riding. Features include rechargeable lithium battery and Bluetooth technology. Available in 10- and 14-inch sizes with prices starting at $521.99.

GoHawk RD8 Gen.2 Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

Bluetooth wireless dual speakers work with your cellphone to deliver impressive sound quality. It mounts onto the handlebars using the mounting clamp that is supplied. Also supplied is the battery cable harness and hardware required for wiring it to your battery. Priced at $54.99.

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder Weather Resistant Motorcycle Sound Bar

An impressive 300 watts of power from an internal four-channel amp is behind the sound coming from four high-frequency speakers. Weather-resistant housing easily mounts on handlebars using mounting clamps that are supplied. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Available for $319.95.

There are other options for motorcycle rider gifts in addition to what we suggested. For example, motorcycle jackets are not only for winter-riding conditions. They also protect riders from the elements and from injuries in case of an accident.


Buying a gift for someone should be enjoyable for you and your intended recipient. Use our gift suggestions to make it easier to find unique gifts for motorcyclists that you want to surprise this holiday season.

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